MMJ Prop 203 Events

Medical Marijuana Prop 203 Events

AZ Sesh sponsors Arizona Medical Marijuana Prop 203 Events and community education projects. We encourage all patients to come out and get to know the AZ MMJ community.

Learn, Teach, Grow and Donate

Receive special offers, location details and information on Arizona prop 203 medical marijuana events and programs.

Arizona Sesh

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Arizona Sesh ( AZ Sesh ), Prop 203 MMJ Events and community. Our main focus is education and engagement. From the health of our patients to their plants, we want to see Arizona thrive.

We offer a no cost, 15 minute, Arizona MMJ Prop 203 consultation to patients and their caregivers in order to help them better understand cultivating, proposition 203, their rights and the marijuana plant itself.

AZ MMJ Community

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Arizona Medical Marijuana Community
“Created for patients by patients…”

AZ Sesh distributes medical marijuana related information, educational material and discounts to Arizona Prop 203 Medical Marijuana patients.

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We work with Arizona MMJ Caregivers, Dispensaries, Medical Offices and Patients to bring the best deals and educational material available to the Arizona Medical Marijuana Community.